Assignments for the week of March 22, 2010

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Period 1 Reading Assignment:
For extra credit, add a virtual sticky note to our A Wrinkle in Time wall from your home computer. Your note should answer one question from page 14 of your packet.
Periods 3/4 and 5/6 Assignment:
With a partner you will review Brain Book Review Week 3 and Brain Book Review Week 4.
Partner 1 is the teacher and partner 2 is the student.
1. Open Brain Book Review Week 3 in the public folder in SkyDrive (do not save it).
2. Skim the contents of the lessons (we have already done these in class) and make sure you have completed everything in your notebook.
3. Partner 1 will give the quiz and partner 2 will answer the questions. Keep track of how many questions were answered incorrectly.
4. Repeat for Brain Book Review Week 4 (switch roles).
Period 7 Assignments:
Read the instructions for your group’s food item for Holes Kitchen.
Make a grocery list of the items you will need.
Catagorize your list by areas of the grocery store (vegetables, canned products, dairy, etc).
Follow your group’s instructions carefully.
Prepare your dish.
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