Assignments for the Week of March 29, 2010

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This Week’s Standards:
Brain Book Review Week 5 (open Brain Book Review Week 5 in the Public folder in the SkyDrive below).
Period 1 Reading Assignment:

1. Great work on your first set of sticky notes! Add another virtual sticky note to our A Wrinkle in Time wall. Please use a complete sentence to answer the following: The people on the planet Camazotz have no crime, no responsibility, and no decisions to make. What is so wrong with their society?
2. Fill out the post Drug Store Project survey at .
Periods 3/4 and 5/6 Assignments:
1. Go to the Edit and Revise folder in the Public folder. Download and SAVE your table’s assigned essay.
2. Read the essay.
3. Notice how all of the essays sound alike because they have the same five paragraph structure. Revise the essay without changing the structure. Try adding an exciting introductory sentence, adding some interesting transition words, or using the Visual Thesaurus to make the essay more riveting. Highlight your changes in yellow. Think about how you might change your own essay.
4. Correct all of the spelling and punctuation errors. Highlight your corrections in blue.
5. Use the "invisbles" to correct the essay format. For instance, if you see ………………….. this means the author used the space bar instead of the correct formatting tool.
6. Save the revised document as GroupYourgroup#hereRevised and upload to  the Edit and Revise folder.
You have 30 minutes to complete this assignment.

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