Assignments for the Week of April 5, 2010.


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This Week’s Standards:
Brain Book Review Week 5 (open Brain Book Review Week 5 in the Public folder in the SkyDrive below).

Social Studies: Create a game like the Image Ace Satellite Map Game about the physical features of India. Your game should include three cards describing three of the nine physical features of India we have learned about.
1. Create a conceptual model (a map) of your game.
2. Decide who will work on what; everyone should have a job and should be working at all times.
Jobs: One project manager who oversees everything and one to two people working on each card (someone to find images and someone to type the description).
3. Use your textbook and notes to choose the three physical features to be included in your game.
4. Download the design directions "India Design Game" PPT from the Public folder and save it to your desktop.
5. Follow the directions.
6. Send me a note in the guestbook when you are done and we will upload your game to the SkyDrive.
You will have one class period to complete this task!

Reading: Add another virtual sticky note to our A Wrinkle in Time wall. Make a list of things about Camazotz that remind you of our society. In what ways does modern life ask us to think like the red-eyed man?


High Point: Review Brain Book Review Week 5 with a partner.

1. Open Brain Book Review Week 5 in the Public folder in SkyDrive (do not save it).
2. Skim the contents of the lessons (we have already done these in class) and make sure you have completed everything in your notebook.
3. Take turns answering the quiz questions with your partner.
4. Play two of the student authored games with each other.
5. During the next few weeks you will be creating review games. Think about what you like and what you would change or add to these games.

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