Itinerary for the Week of May 17 r.1

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This Week’s Standards:

3.1 Forms of Fiction

3.2 Character

3.3 Setting

3.5 The Speaker

3.6 Theme

3.8 Critiquing Fiction

Period 1

Book Report Blogs

This week you will be creating book report blogs.

1. Follow the directions for creating and customizing your space.

2. Please go to Departure Gate: Online Book Reports and download a copy of the OBR Developer’s Manual.

3. Follow the directions in the manual.



Periods 3 and 4

The Big Blast

This week we will be reading The Big Blast and creating our own big blasts.

Before you make your volcanoes, you will need to use the scientific method to complete the first three steps in your lab book (departure gate: lab book). Please save to Arrival Gate 3.

Play Big Blast Family Feud 

Periods 5 and 6:

Unlocking the Secrets of Mohenjodaro

Preview and Reading Notes





Coming Soon: Father’s Day Project

Please share the following letter with your parents and begin to collecting photos or drawing pictures for the project.


1. Finish reading notes.
2. Explore the Lost City of Mohenjodaro

Wednesday: Study for test.

In what part of the Indian subcontinent was
Archeologists found beaded necklaces and toys
among the ruins at Mohenjodaro. What might
these objects suggest about the city?
Archeologists found a structure that was 39 feet
long and 8 feet deep. What evidence did they
find that made them think it was a pool?
What was one feature of Mohenjodaro that was
different from other settlements built at the same
Archeologists found a clay model of a bull
pulling a cart. What might the artifact say about
Mohenjodaro’s people?



Dear Parents and Guardians,

Each student in our class will be creating a multimedia scrapbook of his or her father’s life. This project will explore the many different uses of the computer, review parts of speech, and will provide students with an opportunity to learn more about their family heritage. In order for the project to be successful, your help is needed. Please review the list of photographs to be sent to school in an envelope or uploaded to your child’s SkyDrive. We will take very good care of the photos and return them as soon as we have completed the project.

The photos should include a baby picture of the student, a photo of mom when she is pregnant, and any six photos of dad’s life from the time he was born until your child was born. I realize that all families are different and some photos may be difficult to find. That is okay. Students can draw missing photos (usually their artwork is better than the photos anyway).

Thank you,
Julie Butler

List of photos:

1. Baby picture of dad.

2. Toddler picture of dad

3. Elementary picture of dad

4. Teenager picture (dad)

5. Graduation picture (dad)

6. Photo of parents

7. Wedding photo

8. Mom pregnant

9. Baby picture of child

Sample of possible collection of photos (these are pictures using mom’s photos)

Please note: Students may choose any adult in their life for this project.

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