All About Me Animoto

You will be creating a short presentation about your family, favorite thing to do, something surprising about you, and
your goals for the upcoming year.

Step by Step directions:
1. Complete “My Chocolate Kiss” activity.

2. Draw pictures for your storyboard.

3. Write a script for each picture. At least three of your pictures should include a literary device or sensory language.Grading Rubric:
Storyboard – 30 points
Six descriptive sentences – 30 points
Spelling – 5 points
Punctuation – 5 points
Figurative Language, Literary Device, or Sensory Language – 10 points.
Project reflects care and
effort – 20 points.

Total points possible: 100

 Sample Project from
Cinderella’s Perspective

Note: It will take 300 seconds to load this video, please take this time to review the grading rubric.

Can you identify the literary devices Cinderella used in her presentation?

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