Venn Diagram


When comparing and contrasting blended, face to face, and online learning I considered both student and teacher perspectives. I based my comparison on generalizations about the three modes because obviously classes in each category vary from teacher to teacher. I live in Lake Tahoe and do not have access to a university, so I have taken several online classes over the years. The classes I have taken online have all been very different from developing a portfolio (definitely my preference) to watching an hour long lecture, reading a text, and taking an online quiz.

This comparison activity helped me to understand the advantages of a blended online class. Specifically, students have more control over their learning outcomes especially in a flipped classroom scenario. There is an opportunity for remediation in a blended classroom and there is more flexibility for pre-assessment and post-assessment activities. The disadvantage of course, is one has to be within close physical proximity to the facility where the teacher is. However, with Skype and other emerging technologies, it is easy to imagine a version of the blended classroom in a remote location.

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