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All About Me Animoto

You will be creating a short presentation about your family, favorite thing to do, something surprising about you, and
your goals for the upcoming year.

Step by Step directions:
1. Complete “My Chocolate Kiss” activity.

2. Draw pictures for your storyboard.

3. Write a script for each picture. At least three of your pictures should include a literary device or sensory language.Grading Rubric:
Storyboard – 30 points
Six descriptive sentences – 30 points
Spelling – 5 points
Punctuation – 5 points
Figurative Language, Literary Device, or Sensory Language – 10 points.
Project reflects care and
effort – 20 points.

Total points possible: 100

 Sample Project from
Cinderella’s Perspective

Note: It will take 300 seconds to load this video, please take this time to review the grading rubric.

Can you identify the literary devices Cinderella used in her presentation?

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Online Book Reports


imageThis is a link to online
book reports authored by
sixth grade students.
Each report
includes the following :
Character and Setting Analysis
Plot – PhotoStory
Vocabulary/ Literary Devices
Student Designed Online Game







Sample report below:






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Literature Response–Time Machine

Lessons from

Literature Response Blog Directions
1. Open your blog up on your Space in Windows Live.
2. Go to, click on the Netbook, and then scroll to Literature Response Blog to view this blog.
3. Scroll to the bottom of this blog and click on “Blog It.”
4. You will now have this blog in your Space.
5. After we finish reading The Time Machine each day, you will open your blog and answer the literary response questions.

Assignment 1: Prepare to Read

Think About What You Know
Name your favorite science fiction story, movie, or television show. What is it
mostly about? How do you know it is science fiction?

Answer in this area:

3-point answers:
Group 2 – My favorite science fiction story is Godzilla. It is science fiction because Godzilla is a big lizard that destroys Japan.
Group 3 – President Evil After Life because it has monsters.

Preview and Predict
• Look at the front cover.
• Read the book summary on the back cover.
• Read The Exchange question on the title page.
• Read page 3.
1. Page through the book and look at the pictures. What do you notice
about the setting and the characters?

Answer in this area:
3- point answers:
Group 6 – We noticed he is from the past and the setting is like a train station.

2. What do you think happens to the Time Traveler? What does he discover
about the future?

Answer in this area:
3- point answers:
Group 1– He finds a beautiful. peaceful place. The food is good, the people are small, and there are monsters. They discover why they should be scared.

Story Map – As we read the novel, you will fill in the story map.

Title: The Time Machine
Author: H. G. Wells
Genre: Science Fiction
Fictional Form: Novel
Speaker: First Person

Characters and their characteristics:
The Time Traveler: intelligent, smart, scientist, happy, inventor, successful
Weena: not smart, beautiful, pretty hair, childlike
Morlocks: eat people, do not talk, blue, evil, hairy, ugly

The Time Traveler was stuck  in the future.

He destroys the Morlocks and gets his time machine back. He educates the Eloi.
How do these characteristics affect the plot?
The Time Traveler helps educate the Elois and saves them.

Are the characters credible? Why or why not?
The Morlocks and Eloi are not believable because there is no such thing as people eating monsters.


In the future.

How does the setting affect the plot?
It is all about time travel.

Major events of the plot:
1. The Time Traveler shows his friends a model of the time machine.
2. He travels to WWI and WWII.
3. He travels to 800,000 A.D.
4. He learns about the Eloi and the Morlocks.
5. The Morlocks steal his time machine.
6. He discovers the horrible truth about the Eloi and Morlocks.
7. He destroys the Morlocks.
8. He educates the Eloi so they can help themselves.


It is important to “keep on discovering stuff.”

Is the plot realistic or contrived? Why?

It is contrived because time travel and people eating Morlocks are not real.

Example of a literary device in the story:  

Assignment 2: Respond to Chapters 1– 2

Story Map Start the story map to show the characters and settings of the story. Complete the beginning of the plot section, too.
Think It Over
Think about what you have read and answer these questions.
1. Personal Response:
The Time Traveler said he would rather travel to the
future than to the past. Which time would you choose to visit? Why?
   Answer in this area:
Group 4: We would travel to the future to see if there are flying   cars and if we are good or bad.
Teacher Comment: You are going to be great!
2. Perspectives:
Why would each of the Time Traveler’s friends like to visit
the future?
   Answer in this area:
   Group 4: Politician: I wonder if there will be peace or war.
   Psychologist: The machine is interesting and will take away our  fears.
   Doctor: I would like to see the medical marvels.
Teacher Comment: Great job! +3
3. Genre:
The writer at the party told the Time Traveler that his invention seemed like something from a science fiction story. What parts of the story remind you of science fiction stories or movies?
   Answer in this area:
Group 5: The Time Machine reminds us of science fiction because it is not real and it is about science.

Assignment 3 – Respond to Chapter 3

Story Map Add an event that you read about to your story map.
Think It Over
Think about what you have read and answer these questions.
1. Personal Response:
Would you like to have a life of only eating, dancing,
singing, and playing like the Eloi? Even if you had no thoughts in your
   Answer in this area:
Group 6: No, because we want to have a lot of things to do besides eat, dance and play. We would like to go to the movies, the arcade, and go to school.
2. Setting:
How were the buildings and land in this future world different
from the world the Time Traveler just left?
   Answer in this area:
Group 4: The buildings were big, and they did not have door knobs or anything to pull on.
3. Simile:
A simile compares two things using the words “like” or “as.” The Time Traveler said a man he met from the future was “like a perfect flower” because he was delicate. Write another simile about the people of the future in this story.

Answer in this area

Group 2: The Eloi were as silly as cats.

Assignment 4 – Respond to Chapters 4 and 5

Story Map Add an event that you read about to your story map.
Think It Over
Think about what you have read and answer these questions.
1. Personal Response:
How would you feel if you were trapped in the
future forever?

Answer in this area:
 Boys: We would hate it because we would miss our friends and families.

Girls: We would not like it because we would get old faster and die.

2. Summarize:
What did the Time Traveler learn about the relationship
between the Eloi and the Morlocks? Write about his discovery in your
own words.

Answer in this area:

Boys:  The Elois do not think and the Morlocks know how to use machines.

Girls: Elois are afraid of the night, the Morlocks are afraid of light.

3. Comparisons:
How were the Eloi and Morlocks similar and different?

Answer in this area
Boys: They both don’t know much. Morlocks have a lot hair. Eloi do not help each other.

Girls: Eloi and the Morlocks are same because they do not think. Eloi live above ground. Morlocks live underground.

Assignment 5 – Respond to Chapters 6 and 7

Story Map Add an event that you read about to your story map.
Think It Over
Think about what you have read and answer these questions.
1. Personal Response:
In the story, a museum in the future showed inventions from the past. How do you think people in the future will
remember the world of today?
   Answer in this area:

They will think we are smart because we have computers, airplanes, and really cool cars.

2. Conclusions:
The Time Traveler said the Eloi died “the most terrible
kind of death.” What is the “most terrible kind of death”?

Answer in this area:

The Morlocks fatten up the Eloi and eat them.

3. Plot:
The Time Traveler’s discovery of the secret of the future is a turning point in the story. How did his feelings about the Eloi change? What did
he do next?

Answer in this area

The Time Traveler was shocked, angry, and digusted. He decided to fight the Morlocks.

Assignment 6 – Respond to Chapter 8

Story Map Complete the story map.
Think It Over
Think about what you have read and answer these questions.
1. Personal Response:
The Time Traveler wanted to teach the Eloi to make
fire. Tell about a time when you taught a person how to do something.
   Answer in this area:
We taught our sisters, brothers, and cousins how to ride a bike, speak, play video games , math, and play sports.
2. Opinion:
The Time Traveler said he wanted the Eloi to become “human.” Why did the Time Traveler think that the Eloi were not human like he
was? What separates humans from other creatures?
   Answer in this area:
The Eloi do not care about each other.

Final Project: With your table group, draw a storyboard of the events of the plot.
Your storyboard should include the main characters and the setting. When your storyboard is completed,
use it to create a VoiceThread about The Time Machine.
Sample VoiceThreads.

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Book Report Blogs

Please click on the blue book title to visit the book report blog. 
Click on the image to visit VoiceThread.
Inkheart by Paul
A Wrinkle in Timeby Camile
Hoot by Tatum

Call of the Wildby Kristen

Marley and Me
by Cindy (account closed)

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A Wrinkle in Time

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Call of the Wild

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